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We hope you and your loved one’s are healthy and safe in these uncertain times. Partner in Employment is working hard to support our youth and families in the immigrant and refugee community. PIE’s offices are currently opened at 50% capacity, Mondays-Thursdays, 9am-5pm and CLOSED ON FRIDAYS.

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If you need employment and rental assistance please call: 206-453-5142

Leaders in Refugee and Immigrant Employment.

We’re transforming lives.

Partner in Employment provides tailored assistance in language acquisition, housing stabilization, workforce entry, and job training in higher-wage industries.

In 2019...

We changed the lives of our community in King County by serving 569 households and 932 individuals across all of our programs.


We trained 431 individuals on job readiness and labor standard practices to empower and prepare them for entering the workforce. Of the 322 individuals who were actively searching for work, PIE assisted with 157 job placements.


The average wage of new manufacturing jobs that our clients started was $19 an hour and 41 hours per week with full benefits.


We served 88 households and 323 individuals to case management to stabilize their housing. Among those, we provided 27 households and 127 individuals with rental assistance.

ESL Training

In 2019, 42 students studied English with PIE. Most were women.

Youth Programs

In 2019, 67 young people received culturally appropriate case management and mentoring by skilled PIE staff.
(38 females and 29 males)


In 2019, 181 people received transportation assistance to get to job interviews and social service appointments.


PIE did outreach to 711 people through 71 events in 2019, via resource fairs, job fairs, office visits, flyers, and events, helping to spread the word about our services.

Economic Impact

With the 157 jobs we placed people in, we assisted refugees/immigrants to collectively make $2,451 an hour; $91,458 a week; and $393,269 a month to put back into our economy.

Know Your Rights

In 2019, we did 97 know your rights trainings.


We’re Here for Our Community


We supporting our immigrant, refugee, and asylee community right here in King County through our tailored programs.

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