Partner in Employment COVID-19 Response (Click to Open)

We hope you and your loved one’s are healthy and safe in these uncertain times. Partner in Employment is working hard to support our youth and families in the immigrant and refugee community. PIE’s offices are currently opened at 50% capacity, Mondays-Thursdays, 9am-5pm and CLOSED ON FRIDAYS.

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If you need employment and rental assistance please call: 206-453-5142

Homelessness Prevention

We are helping to keep families in their homes.

PIE works to prevent homelessness to low income youth and families by providing financial assistance, counseling, and other additional housing stabilization services to keep families from being evicted, losing their homes, or becoming homeless. Our wraparound service model provides supportive services to help people rebuild their lives, regain their dignity, and housing stability.

Immigrants and refugees are more vulnerable to homelessness due to their many barriers, Washington being one of the most expensive states also adds to the stress of housing stability. We understand in order to secure economic stable for the community we must ensure they have stable housing and a high wage job to lead healthy lives. 

For more information about our program, contact Rother Rashid.

In 2019…

We served 88 households containing 323 individuals; provided 27 households and 127 individuals with rent assistance.


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Your gift to Partner in Employment is an investment in the economic stability of refugees and immigrants. Your gift will help provide employment services, rental assistance, English classes, case management services and services for the youth.