Social Services

It’s our job to serve our community.

Partner in Employment is focused on finding employment for recently arrived immigrants and refugees, but in order to do that we remove their barriers to employment by providing wrap around social services to make it possible. Our case managers and staff help with everything from providing rental and transportation assistance, translating housing applications to teaching people how to ride a bus or go grocery shopping. We help read mail, explain technology, facilitate childcare, give referrals to other resources, and guide our clients through the process of becoming part of the community. As our case managers are from the community they serve, we’re able to provide services in the native languages of the clients. PIE is often one of the first stops for new arrivals and our staff welcome them into our community with unrivaled compassion and cultural understanding.

Our PIE staff are also there in times of crisis to help mediate situations for new arrivals who might not understand the system. Part of our case management work is to help resolve problems for our clients and to educate employers, landlords, and others about the unique challenges facing immigrants and refugees in our community.

In 2019…

181 people received transportation assistance to get to job interviews and social service appointments.


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Your gift to Partner in Employment is an investment in the economic stability of refugees and immigrants. Your gift will help provide employment services, rental assistance, English classes, case management services and services for the youth.